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 About Us 

Cramblit Consulting Group Inc., (CCG Inc.) 

is a Licensed Executive Search Firm based in Tokyo, Japan.  Cramblit Consulting Group Inc. has been providing clients with best practice human capital introductions in Asia since our inception July, 2006.  Our clients are well known Multi-National Corporations that have either already established their presence in Japan as well as Asia and looking to further expand their operations, or are entering the Japan or Asia market for the first time and are looking for initial personnel to start their operations from scratch. Our experience and knowledge base in executive search in Japan and Asia dates back to 1996 and our network expands across a variety of business segments and functional roles.  The searches we conduct for our clients are typically for CxO-Level and Mid-Career full-time employment positions with highly skilled and industry specific required skills.

Our Mission

Our mission is to introduce ideal human capital talent in the market for specific roles our clients are seeking to fill.  We provide relevant industry information and advice regarding the human resource recruiting market to our clients and candidates. We act in the best interest of our clients and candidates when providing advice and consulting about job opportunities. We proactively approach and meet with the best talent in the market.   We make valuable and long-term relationships with our candidates by providing relevant market content with regards to career advancement and job opportunities in line with our candidate’s skills and interests.  We accept any inquiries from candidates who wish to learn about their market value in their chosen industry and career. We aim to provide the most comprehensive and most accurate and up to date information about the market pertaining to executive search in our client’s chosen field. We focus on our client’s assignments and continue to meet with candidates until the assignment has been successfully completed.



Success comes by aligning our client’s expectations accurately with the local market.  We work with highly qualified individuals who have the necessary means to carry out the objectives sought by our clients. We value people and getting to know what drives and motivates them.  We match the skills and motivations of the best individuals to meet our client’s needs. We guide the executive search process adhering to highest ethics and maintain full integrity of information flow throughout the entire search. We believe in honest and professional representation and are committed to our client’s success and our candidate’s advancement in their career.

Success through the 3C’s, the 3R’s, and the 3G’s

The 3C’s Commitment, Content, Consistency and the 3R’s Responsibility, Results and Reputation. We have found through extensive research that companies look for these six elements in a candidate. Commitment to success, having Content in what one does, being Consistent in business, displaying Responsibility for one’s actions, focusing on getting the right Results, and having a good Reputation in the market. These key factors allow an individual to grow and a company to expand successfully. Cramblit Consulting Group Inc. evaluates and calibrates these elements to match with Client expectations and make best talent introductions. We also look for candidates who can manage the 3G’s, Communication Gap, Expectation Gap, and Technical Gap.  In an international corporate environment, clients expect candidates to capably manage any communication issues between customer expectations and technical limitations for the Japan market. These issues are handled through communicating proper expectations and guidance between customers locally and overseas headquarters.  Candidates who have emotional intelligence and experience to manage these gaps with optimal value are of tremendous value for an international company entering Japan and Asia.


Management BIOS

Rod Cramblit grew up in the heart of Silicon Valley and graduated with an Economics degree from the University of California at San Diego. Rod has been recruiting executives in Asia since 1996 and has a wealth of experience handling the full recruitment process. He has consistently worked with fortune 500 and emerging technology pre-IPO companies to help them find and retain top talent for Japan and Asia operations. Mitsuko Matsumaru received her Bachelor’s degree in Tokyo and has worked at fast growing IT Software and Pharmaceutical Marketing multi-national companies. Her experience includes working at the fastest growing privately held IT company in the US. Mitsuko attended the prestigious Boston School of Modern Languages earning certification at the highest level.

Our Logo

Our logo represents life’s complex direction and how important it is to counsel trusted support systems through life’s journey. The two curved lines represent a shape that is made if you plot the sun’s position at a specific time of day for 365 days. The analemma appears on navigation charts and is an important measurement to gauge direction and location. The analemma represents a consistency and trust which is the symbol we best associate with in our day to day interactions with our professional network. It is our foundation of what allows us to consistently provide proper guidance and advice to our clients and our candidates when trying to navigate hiring best talent in foreign markets and choosing the best career path.

Analemma – the figure traced in the sky when the position of the Sun is plotted at the same time each day over a calendar year from a particular location on Earth. You can read more about it here on wikipedia


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